Monday 23 November 2015

Getting started with Node

Javascript based frameworks are now a new buzzwords in development be it Angular or Node. The best thing with node is that you can write server side code also in javascript. Basically you can run your javascript applications outside the browser.

Node works on v8 Javascript engine developed by Google. Now you can work on one language throughout your application. No need to say and I quote "I am using blah-blah for my serverside code".  :)

You can download Node from

Node comes with a package manager called NPM(Node Package Manager). If you are familiar with Nuget or choclatey it won't be difficult for you to get started with this.

Using Visual Studio to code Node is a good idea you can download a free version of visual studio from Visual Studio website here and can install Visual Studio tools for Node. This page has a wiki link(Documentation) and also contains guidelines and other tips.

Start learning node by coding. There many tutorials available at Node School. Go through API here.

Happy Coding !!

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